Sheri Lasure

My Epicure Business has opened up a new world filled with opportunity!
This is my Story:  Being Newly Retired and Moving all the way from BC to Winnipeg, I wanted to find a part time job and meet some new friends.

I Learned about Epicure through a co-worker of my Hubby's and thought I would do some research and check it out.
Well, being the "foodie" that I am, I loved what I was reading!
"HEALTHY" "GLUTEN FREE" "GOOD FOOD REAL FAST" *CLEAN EATING* *NO MSG OR ADDITIVES*... my kind of Cooking and I get to have FUN while sharing, bonus!

Being a Consultant with Epicure has given me some Great Friends, Time With Family, Holiday's with Hubby and put some money in the bank!
Thank You Epicure, for making my move to Winnipeg so much easier, I wouldn't change a thing!
If EPICURE sounds like something you would like to learn more about and suits your lifestyle, I'd love to hear from you!